Student feedback

On this page, I will update feedback that I’ve recieved from students. Further, I’ll also indicate from which unit (or course) it is from and which semester/year.

In February 2013, I conducted a seminar during ECU’s intensive honours preparation week for FBL5100 (unit code). The following quote was in response to my presentation:

“I don’t think there was a disinterested person in the room with Olan Scott presenting his way of analysing data. He is a very good public speaker with tons of confidence. He showed us that there are more ways of gathering secondary information other than journal articles and books. Olan expressed how newspapers, ABS, Roy Morgan social media, online news and research engines can be used to enrich our project. Olan puts his information in a table in which we can visually see trends and differences in the content. It was refreshing to know that we could use other types of research to add contrast to information we gathered through journals by connecting real world with academic literature – [name withheld]”

Toward the end of semester two 2013, a student who was taking my SPM2122 Sport Marketing unit tweeted the following to me:

“I always wanted to go into advertising but Olan Scott made me feel that sports marketing would be a real great environment work in. #spm2122” [name withheld]

It seems my teaching and method of instruction had a good impact for him and gave him a possible new career path. This student also asked me for a job reference, which I gave him.

Today (15 July 2013) I received the official results from ECU’s teaching and learning surveys, which were quite good for me. For SPM2122 Sport Marketing, each measure of the survey (see attached screenshot) had a 73% percentage of agreement of higher. Two highlights for me were that 87% of respondents felt that this unit challenged their thinking and extended their learning. For SPM2112 Sport Delivery systems, each measure had a percentage of agreement at 65% or higher with a highlight that 90% of all students agreed that SPM2122 extended their learning and 95% felt that the unit challenged their thinking.

Here are several comments from ECU’s official teaching and learning surveys of Sport Delivery Systems (SPM2112):

“I found Olan to be the best lecturer I have so far come across in my studies. He is clearly passionate about the teaching area, this passion inspires his students. He makes a concerted effort to identify with and get to know his students. It was also excellent that he marks assessment items so quickly and gives feedback whilst the item is still fresh in your mind.”

“Thank you Olan, I enjoyed being your student as you challenged me in our discussions and you were honest with delivery and approach with me”

A few comments from Sport Marketing (SPM2122)

“Olan is the best lecturer I have so far come across in my studies. He is extremely approachable and actively engages all his students in his
classes. He clearly has a passion for the field and is highly effective at drawing his students into it.”

“He took the time to explain something if you didn’t understand, really made you think about the answers you gave and if different things influenced them. Made me really think during the seminars”

The UTEI questions                                                 SPM2112    SPM2122

UTEI_questionsSPM2112_%_agreement     SPM2122_%_agreement


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  1. Nice one Olan! We do a review of our teaching after each Term and I use these for my teaching portfolio. I was thinking of putting them online too – after seeing this I think I will.

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