Why I’m doing Febfast

Why I’m doing Febfast.

First, a little background on Febfast. The point of Febfast is to take a month off of drinking alcohol and raise money for two charities that Febfast supports (Youth Support & Advocacy Service and Family Drug Support (read more here: http://febfast.org.au/whereyourmoneygoes/)). Seems simple enough, eh? Give up booze for a month. Yes, it’s that simple. Raise money and give up booze.

However, I have a more personal reason for doing Febfast. My father was an alcoholic and we, as a family suffered because of it. Truth be told, I’ve never seen him have a drink in my life. He wasn’t an everyday drinker or even an occasional drinker; he was a binger whereby he’d go out for a few days and binge, then sober up and come back home like nothing had happened. This binging obviously put strain on our family, as mom had to make alternate arrangements for her children’s caretaker when he wasn’t around and she was working in the evenings. It also impacted the family in that my father missed some family events over the years, so our family photos are incomplete because he wasn’t there.

My father died in 1998 and I often wonder, what if? What if he didn’t drink, would he still be alive? Would he have attended my university graduations (I’ve had four)? Would he have walked my sister down the aisle at her wedding? There are a myriad of other ‘what if’ questions that I could type, but won’t.  I, obviously, will never know the answer to these (and all other) questions, but it’s something that I never want my family, friends, colleagues, and anyone else to ask about me. What if Olan didn’t drink, would he have (been to this event with us, gone for an early surf with us, been fit for life, supported us, and anything you can think of)?

This is why I’m taking a month off of booze and raising money for Febfast. As you can read, my reason is to make sure that I’m in control of my choices and ensure that I’m the master of me and not something else. After reading this, if you feel compelled to donate to my Febfast endeavour, click here https://secure4.everydayhero.com.au/event/febfast2013/hero_page/olan-scott/donate or follow to relevant links at http://febfast.org.au/ to donate.

Thanks for reading, Olan


One thought on “Why I’m doing Febfast

  1. Well my dear friend thank you for your heartfelt testimony! It often helps to personalize an issue for others. I am very proud of you for supporting this cause & also sharing something so personal. Love ya!

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