Live tweet topics

Topic 1

In 2012 the Australian Open was quite successful in engaging fans from all over the world via its use on social media.

We will discuss event/sports apps and engagement.

In your research, also look at what London 2012 is doing with its social media.

Here are some links.



Topic 2:

Gold Coast United Football was officially announced as an expansion team for the A-League’s 2009-2010 season in 2008. The club was owned by Clive Palmer, the wealthiest man in Queensland until February 2012, when the FFA took over the club’s a-league license. In their first two A-League seasons, Gold Coast were one of the strongest clubs, performance wise, in the A-League, finishing in the top four on both occasions and making the finals series. Although, in their third season, their form dropped due to off-field instability surrounding player contracts, coaching staff and community support. Since its inception, Gold Coast has constantly been criticised about their average attendance. In their first season, they averaged close to 5,500 people and in their second season, they averaged just under 3,300 people per game, making them the lowest attended team. On 29 February 2012, the FFA revoked Clive Palmer’s Gold Coast United A-League licence.

We will discuss the marketing and community engagement of the Gold Coast United and the growing swell of support (See twitter hashtag #SAVEGCU for more) that the club is received. Also see the links below ( and


Topic 3:

Recently, the NBA announced that the league seeks to have jersey sponsorships.

We will discuss the pros and cons of jersey sponsorship from an international perspective.\

Here are some links about the story


Topic 4:

We will discuss how athlete and team sponsors can leverage and/or activate their sponsorship via social media.


Topic 5:

Social media. Recently USA sports magazine Sport Illustrated ( put a hashtag on its magazine front cover.

We will discuss issues surrounding mainstream media’s incorporation of social media into its programming.

Here are two links to the SI cover.

Non sport example from The Bachelor


I’d suggest you research these topics and others that are related to allow us a robust conversation.


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